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In recent years, we have developed professional manufacturers of leisure food machinery,
such as Shaqima, Snow Crisp, Crude Grains, Nut Crisp, etc.

  • FSD-Elevating Conveyor

    1. Can be customized according to customer requirements,2. Simple structure and easy maintenance……

  • FSD-Burning Oven

    Heat source: natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel, etc.;Heating method: auxiliary circulating herating……

  • FSD-Semi-Automatic Frying Machine

    CharacteristicHeat source:Electricity, natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel , coal .Frying Machine is mainly used for proc……

  • FSD-Automatic Continuous Molding mchine

    Product descriptionPurpose: twist packing spherical lollipop.Characteristics:①Automatic feeding device, novel structure,……

  • FSD-Electromagnetic stirring sugar cooking machine

    CharacteristicFeatures:High efficiency, safe and reliable, energy saving no thermal innertia, eco-friendly.Application r……

  • FSD-480 Sachima Granulating Machine

    Suitable for Shaqima and Jiangmi Noodles in Noodle Pelleting,1.The structure of the equipment is simple and easy to maintain.……

  • FSD-400 Sugar Stirring Machine

    Features: PLC control, automatic sugar stirring , automatic positioning and material feeding , decrease the labors and work i……

  • FSD-Peanut Roaster Mahine

    This machine is used to roast the milky white peanut,red peanut, walnut and other granular food.……

  • FSD-Double screw extruder

    1.Main machine with frequency control, to ensure the stability of the production process. 2.Products are various with beautif……

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Quality is the foundation of survival and
service is the way of development.

Introducing advanced technology from
abroad,the products are exported to all parts
of the country and to all countries of the world.

Jiangsu fushida food machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful Yellow Coast of Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province. It passes through Shanghai, Yanning Expressway and Xinchang Railway. The traffic is very convenient.

The company specializes in the production of Shaqima production line, Niu Rong Milk Fu/Snow Crisp production line, Nut Crisp/Nut Crisp production line, Mi Maitong production line, food molding machine and other leisure food machinery, and provides professional customization of food machinery, production process consulting services.

Our company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment and rich manufacturing experience. It integrates scientific research, manufacturing, sales and formulation. It has a high-quality workforce. It also works closely with many domestic research institutes and colleges to introduce advanced technology from abroad. We will welcome the new and old at home and abroad with high-quality machine quality, preferential product price and excellent after-sales service. Customers come to visit and develop together.

Quality is the foundation of life

Service is the Way of Development



Maintenance and main...

The maintenance of fryer is very important to users. If you don't know how to maintain it, there will be various problems in the short years of mechanical use, either changing a lot of mechanical parts or various mechanical faults, which brings many inconveniences to the production of many businesses.

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How can we increase the production capacity of the candy production line?

The production capacity of candy equipment and candy production line plays an important role in the development of manufacturers, but in the market, it can play a stable role in the development of manufacturers'production capacity is considerable, which shows that production capacity can play a great role in the development of manufacturers and provide power for the development of manufacturers. Provide market development opportunities for manufacturers to further consolidate in the market, and then how to improve the production capacity of the candy production line....



Packing with bread wrapper has good practicability.

Bread packing machine is a pillow packing machine. Bread packaging machine is also suitable for one-off rapid packaging of other bulk, conventional solid or small tray items. The bread packing machine is controlled by single servo motor or double servo motor. Compared with other products controlled by the same kind of frequency conversion motor or frequency converter at home and abroad...



The Food Packaging Machinery Industry is Faced with the Problem of Industrial Structure Adjustment

At the same time of supply-side structural reform in manufacturing industry, the candy machinery industry is also facing the problem of industrial restructuring. ...

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Have a high-quality staff team and cooperate closely with many research institutes and colleges in China


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